An Ounce Of Prevention Is A Pound Of Cure

Here we are…. IN the holiday season!  And as some of you may already be experiencing… tighter clothes.  I understand… being on a diet regimen or solid workout schedule during this season may be very difficult and impractical.  So how bout we change our thinking…. FOR NOW.  Let’s not focus so much on LOSING weight… but instead focus on NOT GAINING weight during this time.  I’m going to do a small little series of advice to help you along the way!

First step… we need a plan.    A plan of attack for all the parties… gatherings… outings… office treats etc.  I’d be crazy to tell you NOT to enjoy these events…. so how about we compromise.  instead of loading up your plate with food… try doing more of a tapas style plate… a LITTLE BIT of everything.  If you end up giving in and going over board… avoid self sabotage.  Get back on the saddle and start again… that SAME DAY!  Don’t let a few deviations de-rail your plan… cause every little bit helps ;-)   Merry Christmas!  -Gail Sanez/ Fitness Potential, LLC/